Monday, December 24, 2012

Wrap It Up

Merry Christmas Eve all!!

If you are like me and wait to wrap gifts until the very last second (cough cough...just HOURS until Christmas) then you are in for a treat!

I was taking a look at Pinterest and saw some really cute, and what seem like, easy ways to dress up the outside of the wonderful gifts you have bought for your loved ones. After all...a lot of thought was put into picking out those presents, why not take a little time into making that gift extra special?

Here are some inspirational photos to help spruce up your gift-wrapping abilities!
These ideas are sure to make whoever you give them too "shout out with glee" about how much they love them, inside & out!

1- Bling it out! Adding glitter to the top of a gift box or simply stringing through a vintage brooch onto a piece of ribbon can help to add some extra sparkle and flare to the style savvy girl on your list!

2- Au Naturel! Glue together fragrant pine cones and pine tree branches for a festive and inexpensive way to decorate a gift box or bag! Just top with a twine bow and you're all set to give the perfect gift to your "eco-friendly" friends!

3- Scrap & Wrap! I love this idea of using a cute patterned piece of scrap fabric along with a some yarn wrapped multiple times around to keep the tag and fabric in place! I call it the Scrap & Wrap method! Such a simple but unique way to spruce up plain wrapping paper.

4- Shipping Paper! It couldn't get easier than this. Using plain brown shipping paper to wrap gift boxes  makes the perfect canvas to express your personal style or the style of your gift recipient! Completely customizable and endless design options make this a great gift-wrap idea for any occasion! 

5- Flower Power! Adding silk rosettes to the ribbon you wrap around boxes and bags is the perfect feminine touch for someone special! This is a simple idea that turns an ordinary gift-wrap into something truly beautiful! This is definitely one I want to try for the next wedding I perfect!

6- Ditch the bag! Wine is such a popular gift to give, but most of the options for bottle gift-bags aren't exactly, "chic". Choosing a fun fabric or printed napkin can fix this problem perfectly! Just lay the fabric down flat, set the bottle in the middle, fold the fabric around the bottle and secure with a bow! How have I never thought of this before?! 

All of these ideas will help to make your special gifts even that much more! The options are truly endless so just remember to get creative, have fun and wrap it up!

Merry Christmas & Happy or otherwise ;)

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