Monday, March 18, 2013

Looking Ahead: Fall 2013 Accessory Trends

As Fashion Week 2013 came to an end last week, this weekend was dedicated to reviewing the shows and trends for the upcoming Fall season (along with celebrating St. Patricks Day of course) Although there were a few presentations where models came down the runway un-adorned; heavy embellishments and statement pieces dominated the rest of the runway & are on our must-have list for Fall. 

Feminine details mixed with punk-grunge influences dominated the runways as oversized drop earrings and solid metal/leather pieces made a comeback. Necklaces ranged from beaded chains that hung to the waist all the way to chunky chokers...and rings added dramatic impact when worn on multiple fingers. Bracelets transitioned from the now popular piled-stacks to one simple and amazing statement piece.

What is your favorite trend for Fall 2013?
Happy Styling

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