Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Style: Pastel Statement Necklaces

We like to think of a gorgeous statement necklace like the cherry on top of an amazing ice cream sundae. It can only get better. That is, your outfit. See how we’d style our new pastel necklaces.

It’s easy to go girly bubble-gum pastel when you thrown mint, which we adore for Spring, into the mix. That’s why our Mint Spring Leaf Resin Necklace is such a refreshing piece, with more subtle muted colors as accent stones. We love the color palette so much that we would repeat it in the outfit, which is all about a casual vibe.

When we’re going out with the girls, we want to pull out our trendiest, most editorial-worthy pieces. Our Lucite Spring Pretty Necklace and Turquoise Spring Floral Drop Earrings are a bold pairing, as standout pieces on their own, that will definitely impress.

You want to look appropriate in a professional setting, but stay true to your style. Jewelry pieces that don’t involve too many colors, patterns, or textures, but still have an element of fun like our Neon Pink Double Wrap Watch and White Frosted Pendant Necklace are our answer.

Pink is never a bad choice on occasions, like date night, when you’re going for feminine and pretty. Our Pastel Pink Bouquet Necklace is perfect whether you pair it with a lace top or a lace dress.

Which outfit resonates the most with your personal style?

Happy Styling!

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